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Maestro for the Movies:

Erich Wolfgang


(1897 - 1957)

Korngold conducting the Warner Brothers orchestra at a soundtrack recording session

Like Frederick Delius, Erich Wolfgang Korngold was an "apostle of romance, emotion, and beauty in music."  But add to this a hearty dose of heroics!  He wrote exquisite scores for such classic films as THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, THE SEA HAWK, and KINGS ROW, and also left a sizeable body of works for the concert hall and stage. Korngold's influence can be heard in the music of today's film composers such as John Williams and Alexander Courage.
Charles Gerhardt's recordings of Korngold for RCA in the 1970's (produced by George Korngold, the composer's son) began a Korngold renaissance that continues today.  Varese Sarabande has released a number of new digital recordings, and Marco Polo has included him in its recent soundtrack series.  Now available - digitally restored - are original soundtrack recordings conducted by the composer himself. Rhino has released a 2 CD collection of "Korngold Conducts Korngold", and the German TSUNAMI label has released several complete original soundtrack CD's. The four-volume CD series of Korngold's orchestral works (conducted by Werner Andreas Albert on the CPO label) has been re-released as a combined set at a discount price.  More Korngold product is sure to follow - more to look forward to!


All Korngold enthusiasts should read these  books about Korngold:
"THE LAST PRODIGY: A Biography of Erich Wolfgang Korngold" by Brendan Carroll (ISBN 1574670298)

The definitive biography, published in Korngold's centenary year of 1997.

Sign the online petition to have THE LAST PRODIGY re-released by Amadeus Press!

"ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD" by Jessica Duchen (ISBN 714831557)
A beautifully produced book with many unusual pictures, printed on deluxe stock.

"THE COMPOSER IN HOLLYWOOD" by Christopher Palmer (ISBN 714529508 (paper) / 714528854 (cloth))
One of the nine chapters is devoted to Korngold and his film music.  Palmer also wrote "Delius: Portrait of a Cosmopolitan".

(A Scarecrow Press Film Score Guide by Ben Winters) (ISBN 0810858886)

Luzi Korngold's book:      Front      Inscription


"Erich Wolfgang Korngold: The Adventures of a Wunderkind"
(A Portrait and Concert)
Arthaus 100-363  (Released April 2003)

This is an INDISPENSIBLE purchase for all Korngold fans!    The "Portrait" is a fine documentary about Korngold, with interviews, film, archival recordings and several performances by Korngold himself.   A special word of thanks to the Korngold family for making available the home movies, photographs, and audio tapes in their archives.    The "Concert" includes complete performances of the Cello Concerto and Violin Concerto, along with excerpts from other works.    Since DVD's often go out of print rather quickly, act soon to acquire this essential DVD.

Encore DVD 2910 (available from Berkshire Record Outlet)

This is a limited pressing DVD-R containing the BBC TV program which focuses on Korngold's score for the film "DECEPTION" and the Cello Concerto that figures in the film.    Rare film clips and home movies of Korngold are included.    There is also substantial material on Felix Slatkin, Eleanor Slatkin and the Hollywood String Quartet.   The Cello Concerto is performed by Frederick Zlotkin with the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin.


Features of interest relating to Korngold:

More information and reviews of this DVD (Amazon)

Review of the new Marco Polo CD release from "Music From the Movies" site


"Erich Wolfgang Korngold: A Retrospective" - 10 minute video overview of Korngold's life and work

Brendan Carroll's YouTube Channel has a lot of rare Korngold music!   Check it out!

Other Korngold videos:

Suite from "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (BBC Proms 2013)

Suite from "The Sea Hawk"

"Tomorrow" (Op. 33) (Bonnie Snell Schindler, mezzo-soprano)

Symphonic Serenade:    Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

"Much Ado About Nothing" Suite

Sinfonietta, Op. 5


"Das Wunder Der Heliane":

  "Die Kathrin":
"Die Todt Stadt":

Cello Concerto:

Violin Concerto:

Symphony in F-sharp Major (audio only)

"The Sea Hawk" - film score (Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Stromberg)

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" - film score (Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Stromberg)

From "Give Us This Night" (1935) (featuring Jan Kiepura and Gladys Swarthout):

From "Escape Me Never" (1946): Ballet Sequence


Korngold: A Selective Discography

E-mail Dr. William Flanigan (korngold_listings@verizon.net) and request the latest update of his discography of Korngold's "Film Symphonies"!   You will be astounded by this detailed information on Korngold CDs.

Biography and Works List

An Early Interview with E. W. Korngold (from ETUDE Magazine, January 1937)

Quotations BY Korngold

Quotations ABOUT Korngold

Erich W. Korngold Site - A robust and growing fan site including reviews, interviews, discography, articles and much more.

bs magazine- Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Outstanding! Biography, works list, bibliography, links, and discography, including reviews of the outstanding Tsunami CD releases of the original soundtrack recordings conducted by Korngold

Claude Torres' Korngold site - Discography with many images: covers of videos, LPs and CDs, plus movie posters

Horacio's Korngold Blog

"FILM MUSIC ON THE WEB" SITE - Excellent British site with extensive information on film music

RADIO INTERVIEW WITH KORNGOLD (Oct. 1, 1954) - Korngold discusses his involvement in the film "MAGIC FIRE" (IN GERMAN)
    (Thanks to JIRI ORT for providing this recording)

       Part 1 of interview        Part 2 of interview       Transcript of the interview (in German)
Elizabeth's Erich Wolfgang Korngold Page - Great site featuring lots of sound clips!  (not updated since 2005)

1999 Stamp Program - Hollywood Composers (9/15/99) - U.S. Postal Service site

Radio podcasts featuring Korngold's music from "Composers Datebook" and other programs

Varese Sarabande Records - Issuer of many Korngold soundtrack CD's

Erich Wolfgang Korngold - Excellent 2 CD set of original soundtrack excerpts on Rhino

Screen Archives Entertainment - Good source for Korngold soundtrack CDs

TSUNAMI film soundtrack releases (Germany):

Farewell, Vienna! - Ralph Wells' live theatrical production about Korngold             Obituary of Ralph Wells (1959-2008)

Great Performances: The Hollywood Sound - PBS television program about Hollywood composers

YOUTUBE LINKS FOR THIS FILM (currently offline):   Part 1      Part 2      Part 3     Part 4      Part 5
                                                                      Part 6      Part 7       Part 8      Part 9      Part 10






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Early magazine article about musical prodigies (including Korngold)


In the 1980's, Warner Brothers Music published several volumes of Korngold soundtrack music arranged for piano in their "Classic Film Scores" series. You may be able to find these in a sheet music store or through your local library's interlibrary loan program.
KORNGOLD: The Adventures of Robin Hood - Suite for Piano (PF0411)
KORNGOLD: The Sea Hawk/ Captain Blood - Suites for Piano (PF0415)
KORNGOLD: Kings Row - Suite for Piano  (PF0535)

"Deluxe Classic Film Scores for Piano" (PF0623) - This 120 page collection includes the following piano arrangements:
    Steiner: Gone With The Wind - Suite
    Tiomkin: Giant
    Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood - Suite
    Korngold: Captain Blood - Suite
    Korngold: Kings Row - Suite
    J. Williams: Superman - Suite


The late Konrad Hopkins, co-founder of the International Korngold Society, died in May 2010 and one of his dearest wishes was for the establishment of a permanent
Korngold Scholarship to benefit young musicians and students of musicology, who wished to either study the works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold or who sought assistance with their performance studies of his music. To this end, the executors of his estate have now established The Konrad Hopkins Memorial Korngold Fund in his memory, funds from which will be used to award this scholarship prize on a regular basis. In due course, an appropriate academic institution will be sought as partner for this initiative and matched funding from either a state body or other relevant organisation will eventually provide a substantial fund, enabling the scholarship to be awarded on at least a bi-annual basis. A small Scholarship Committee, chaired by the President of the International Korngold Society, Brendan G Carroll, will be established to consider applications for the scholarship and make the awards.

If individuals wish to make a donation to the
The Konrad Hopkins Memorial Korngold Fund, they may do so using one of the following methods:

        Mr John A.M. Armit 
        Messrs Hunter & Robertson, Solicitors
        35 High Street,

        Paisley PA1 2AG

        Scotland, UK

        The e-mail and PayPal address is connected to the bank account for the Fund.

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