Quotations ABOUT Erich Wolfgang Korngold

"This child...changed in a strange manner when carried away by his music. Then his childish features were suddenly transformed by an expression of deep absorption, a strong assertiveness and tense energy.   He seemed to be burning with a hidden flame, betraying a temperament that might rise to the heights of ecstasy..."  (Julius Korngold)

"He has so much talent that he could easily give us half - and still have enough left for himself!"  (Giacomo Puccini)

"The stream of rhythm on which he launched his orchestra flowed freely, melodies rippled with laughter and surged with passion, while harmonies were pure and deep as an alpine lake.  Not one rubato, crescendo or diminuendo was calculated.... In obedience to some inner law of his, they were simply right and unassailable."  (Gottfried Reinhardt on Korngold's conducting)

"Somehow Korngold knew: knew how to compose, how to play the piano, how to score, all brilliantly and all apparently without any untoward expenditure of effort.  We should remember however that genius often contrives to grasp instantly and intuitively what mediocrity may spend year after year laboriously laying up...  How Korngold found, evolved or summoned his style into being is a question which can never properly be answered in terms which the scientific mind would find satisfactory."  (Christopher Palmer)

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