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A Brief History

The Country Church of Hollywood was built as an actual reproduction of a country church from the late 1800’s. It was located in beautiful a park-like setting on a hill in the center of Hollywood at the corner of Argyle and Yucca Streets, one block from the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine. It was formally dedicated on April 15, 1934.

Dr. Hogg (Josiah) The Country Church of Hollywood had its beginnings as a religious radio broadcast and was founded by Dr. William B. Hogg, an associate of Dr. Paul Rader. The program first aired on radio station KFAC on January 2, 1933, a year before the actual Country Church was built. On September 30, 1934 the program began broadcasting coast to coast over the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). After Dr. Hogg's death, January 14, 1937, the program was continued by his widow, Virginia Hogg, known on the broadcast as “Sister Sarah.” Airing of the program continued into the early 1960’s. During its long run it was one of the most popular religious radio programs on the air.

Country Church of Hollywood Staff The broadcast format was a radio drama set in the mythical rural community of “Goose Creek.” Dr. Hogg and his wife played the roles of a country parson and his wife, Josiah and Sarah Hopkins. "Meetin' Time” was highlighted with hymns and a message by the parson.

Other participants in the program included Rudy Atwood at the piano and the Goose Creek Quartet, whose members over the years included Thurl Ravenscroft, Bill Days, John Knox, Art Jaissle, Bill MacDougall, Herman Hosier, Al Harlan, Jack Coleman, Dick Brown, John Lundberg and Ken Brown. On October 3, 1937 Rudy Atwood and the Goose Creek Quartet joined Dr. Charles E. Fuller’s nationwide broadcast where they also became known as the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet, and served in both ministries for over twenty years.

Portrait of Sister Sarah Each year for decades Sister Sarah hosted the Country Church radio program weekly and then on Sundays. She always ended the broadcast with the same closing remarks. Country Church of Hollywood Sign

  The final service of the Country Church of Hollywood was held on April 27th in 1997, after a 64 year ministry known throughout the world. While this chapter of the Country Church of Hollywood has ended, its influence continues on through various publications and recordings, as well as in the hearts of all whose lives were touched by its ministry.

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PAMPHLETS, BOOKLETS and other publications:
There were many pamphlets and booklets with thoughts from Parson Josiah Hopkins.  Most of these were published by Pioneer Press.
    Here are some samples:

Included in the book "Religions of the United States in Practice, Vol. 2", Colleen McDannell, editor (Princeton Univ. Press, 2001)
    "Early Christian Radio and Religious Nostalgia" by Philip Goff




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