Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Pioneering Pianist/Composer of the Americas

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (May 8, 1829 – December 18, 1869) was an American composer and pianist, best known as a virtuoso performer of his own romantic piano pieces. Although he is regarded as an American composer and musician, he spent most of his working career outside of the United States.

Dubbed "the Chopin of the Creoles", he was, above all, the first to capture the syncopated music of South Louisiana and Caribbean in enduring works that anticipate ragtime and jazz by half a century.

Gottschalk's Musical Works (per the "Catalogue of Compositions" by Robert Offergeld 1969)
with cross-references to recordings

"The Gottschalk Legend: Grand Fantasy for a Great Many Pianos" - Biographical Essay by Robert Offergeld (1969)

Ordering information for John Huszar's 1986 documentary/biography film on Gottschalk

EXCELLENT French website: "L.M. Gottschalk: Pianiste Itinerant" (click on UK flag for English version) -
         works list, discography, photos, sheet music & much, much more!

Online sheet music of Gottschalk works (from International Music Score Library Project)

Richard Rosenberg's website features information on works by the "Creole Romantics" including Gottschalk

Wikipedia entry on Gottschalk

Classical Archives page on Gottschalk (MIDI audio files)

U.S. Postage stamp honoring Gottschalk:    First Day Cover    FRONT     BACK



Article on Gottschalk's 1852 concert in the Palace of the Dukes of Orleans, in Sanlucar (near Cadiz, Spain)


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Green-Wood Cemetery fundraising drive to replace the "Angel of Music" on Gottschalk's monument

The "Angel of Music" statue was unveiled on October 15, 2012!    Click here for story and videos

Five renowned sculptors have been chosen to participate in a competition to recreate the "Angel of Music," an intricate sculpture that once graced the gravesite of legendary 19th century American composer and pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829 -1869).  The angel disappeared under unknown circumstances from Brooklyn's Historic Green-Wood Cemetery more than 50 years ago.  

The initiative, Saved in Time: The Gottschalk Project, is administered by the Green-Wood Historic Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that conserves and restores the cemetery's endangered monuments.

Total costs for the Gottschalk Project will be approximately $200,000.00.  Green-Wood's Historic Fund launched a major fundraising campaign to support the project.  

Existing photos of the Gottschalk monument show a white marble angel approximately 4'10" atop a 6 ½-foot high marble pedestal.  The angel's left hand held a tablet bearing the titles of six of Gottschalk's most famous compositions, while a trumpet was tucked beneath the arm.  Her right hand was extended in a gesture suggestive of leading an orchestra.  At her feet was a classical lyre.  

A New Orleans native, Gottschalk was a child prodigy and by the 1860s had established himself as the foremost pianist in America.  His most acclaimed works include A Night in the Tropics, Bamboula and Le Bananier.

Established in 1838, Green-Wood Cemetery is built on 478-acres and is home to thousands of monuments, many designed by world renowned sculptors.  Among the nearly 600,000 souls interred here are Leonard Bernstein, Horace Greeley, FAO Schwartz, Samuel Morse, Boss Tweed, Albert Anastasia and more than 3,000 veterans of the Civil War.  

The cemetery was named a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2006.

To support Saved in Time: The Gottschalk Project with a tax deductible contribution visit www.greenwood.com/donate, or for more information, visit www.green-wood.com.

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Books about Louis Moreau Gottschalk:

Bamboula! by Frederick Starr (Oxford University Press, 1995) (ISBN 0195072375) - the definitive biography

    "Bamboula!": A Review by D.W. Krummel

Louis Moreau Gottschalk by Frederick Starr (ISBN 0252068769) - revised paperback edition of "Bamboula!"

      (Google Books preview page with links to several chapters)

Where the Word Ends by Vernon Loggins (LSU Press, 1958) (ISBN 080710373X) - very readable biography

    (Google Books preview)

Notes of a Pianist (from Gottschalk's own journals)  (ISBN 0691127166) - essential reading!   Gottschalk's observations made during his extensive travels are priceless.

    (Complete text is available online here)

Life and Letters of L.M. Gottschalk by Octavia Hensel
    (Complete text is available online here)

Louis Moreau Gottschalk: A Bio-Bibliography by James E. Perone (ISBN 0313318247) - for each work, references performances, recordings and bibliographic sources. Categorizes works according to instrumentation, and cross-references each to Robert Offergeld's RO index numbers.
    (Google Books preview)

Gottschalk by Luis Ricardo Fors (1880) - early biography of the composer, in Spanish
     (Complete text is available online here)


YouTube Playlist with 200 Gottschalk videos

Grand Tarantelle for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 67 (Nadia Weintraub, piano;  Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Barak Tal, conductor)

Grand Tarantelle for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 67 (David Harris, piano; Jelani Eddington, organ)

Symphony No. 1: A Night in the Tropics (edited by Richard Rosenberg)
La Gallina (8 pianos, 16 pianists)

The Banjo (Philip Martin, piano)


 Compact Discoveries: "The First Gershwin"


Gottschalk at Chickering piano

Gottschalk at piano (postcard)

Gottschalk - Chickering advertising poster

Gottschalk leaning on a column       Larger scan

Gottschalk standing, foot crossed         Larger scan

Drawing of Gottschalk by Leon Vernert


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