Delius Organizations

If you enjoy the music of Delius, you should consider joining some or all of these organizations. They promote performances of Delius' music and are a good source of updates on recordings and books.  You will be glad you decided to support their work.

The Delius Society - Philadelphia Branch

3432 Bleigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19136 USA

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION on the Delius Society - Philadelphia Branch

Editor of "The Delian" Newletter: Harold J. Diamond

You may phone the chairman, Bill Marsh, at (215) 968-5979.
This organization regularly publishes an excellent newsletter featuring record reviews and news of interest to Delius fans. The Society also sponsors musicales and other events in the Philadelphia area.

West Coast Delius Society

California-based group that produces the West Coast Delius Society Newsletter. Queries to John Luther, President, West Coast Delius Society, 6183 Laguna Court, Long Beach, California 90803, USA. 

The Delius Society (England)

Web Page:

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The English Delius Society publishes a quarterly journal of the highest quality.  Back issues of  The Delius Society Journal are also available for purchase.  The Society also organizes meetings, site visits and other events for members.

The Delius Society (West of England Branch)

Web Page:

The West of England Branch holds regular meetings for Society members in their area.

The website features some very good photos from the various Delius sites around the world.

The Delius Trust (England)

Address: The Delius Trust
              16 Ogle Street
              London W1P 8JB

Telephone 0171 436 4816

Fax 0171 637 4307


Technically the Trust administers the estate of Jelka Delius which comprises the rights in the works of Frederick Delius.  The Autograph manuscripts are now in the British Library having been donated by the Trust in 1996.  This was done in order to ensure their preservation and to make them more generally accessible to scholars - the Trust has very limited space so is only able to accommodate researchers by prior appointment in very limited numbers.

The Trust is essentially a funding organisation for projects which are initiated elsewhere. Publications, recordings, and performances are considered for underwriting through the auspices of the Trust.  Anyone who wishes to apply for funding for a Delius related project must first obtain a copy of the guidelines which is available for Marjorie Dickinson at the above address.

The Delius Association of Florida (Merged with Riverside Fine Arts Association in 2004)

This organization was based in Jacksonville, Florida, where Delius lived for several years in the 1880's. The annual Delius Festival featured concerts, lectures and tours of Delius sites.   It is hoped that the Delius Association of Florida will be revived as an independent association at some future date.

Recaps of all Delius Festivals since 1961

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