Peter Warlock 
(pseudonym of Philip Heseltine) 

Peter Warlock was a composer, music journalist and author, and was an admirer and friend of Frederick Delius.   Warlock (Heseltine) wrote the first book-length biography of Delius in 1923, and also was a significant force behind the Delius Festival of 1929.

For complete information on Peter Warlock and his music, visit The Peter Warlock Appreciation Society site by Richard Valentine (an excellent resource!)

Read Delius and Warlock's correspondence about pianolas (player pianos)

Obituary of Peter Warlock (by Bernard Van Dieren) (Feb. 1931)

ClassicalNet page on Peter Warlock

British Library page on Philip Heseltine       National Portrait Gallery entry (late 1920's photo of Philip Heseltine?)

Review of CD containing Warlock's arrangements of Delius music for piano 4-hands

YouTube Videos:

Playlist with 35 Peter Warlock videos

Capriol Suite (Norwegian Chamber Orchestra)
1)   0:00 Basse Danse
2)   1:25 Pavane
3)   3:27 Tordion
4)   4:34 Bransles
5)   6:39 Pieds-en-l'air
6)   9:32 Mattachins (Sword Dance)

The Curlew (BBC Proms 2013)

Serenade for Strings (for Frederick Delius)

MP3 File of Warlock's "Serenade" for Strings
(Shorter Edited version)

The first recording I heard of Warlock's Serenade was on an Epic LP by the Cleveland Sinfonietta conducted by Louis Lane.  This recording became a favorite of mine.  However, all the currently available recordings use a longer version of the work which includes several additional sections I had not heard before. For the benefit of those who have not heard it, here is an MP3 file of the shorter version, which is no longer commercially available. Compare the two versions for yourself.

Peter Warlock: Serenade for Strings (shorter edited version)

MIDI Files:

Serenade for Strings "To Frederick Delius on his 60th Birthday" (1923) (27K)

Capriol: Suite for String Orchestra (1927) - Based on Dance Tunes from Arbeau's "Orchesographie"(1588):

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