Delius Fan Survey

Here are the survey questions.  If you would like your response posted to this Web site along with those already shown, e-mail your answers to me and your comments will be included.
(a)  What is your name?   

(b)  What is your e-mail address?

(c)  What is your Web Page URL (if applicable)?

(d)  Where are you from?

(e)  What is your age (optional)?

(f)  Your occupation?

(g) Any other info about yourself you wish to include?

1)  What was the first Delius work you ever heard? What was your reaction to it?

2)  How did you further develop an interest in Delius' music?

3) Which are your favorite Delius works and in what order might you rank them (if you're able to)?      What are your favorite Delius recordings?  Favorite interpreters of Delius' music?

4)  What works by Delius are on your "wish list" - what works have you not heard yet or would like to see a new recording of?

5) What are some Delius works you have heard performed live?

6) What other composers and/or types of music do you like? 

7) Any other comments on the music of Delius?

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