Sound Clips from the BBC Film


Directed by KEN RUSSELL
Assisted by ERIC FENBY
Cast of Characters:
 As Frederick Delius.......MAX ADRIAN
 As Eric Fenby.......CHRISTOPHER GABLE
 As Jelka Delius..........MARGARET PRYOR

"SONG OF SUMMER" is the unforgettable story of the aging composer Frederick Delius who, blind and paralyzed, was enabled to create his last great musical works through the determined assistance of young Eric Fenby.   Delius and Fenby agonizingly forged a method whereby each note of music and its instrumentation was dictated and written; the result was beautiful, flowing, masterful

Read Eric Fenby's recollections of Delius and the making of the "SONG OF SUMMER" film.

Read a preview of the book "COMPOSERS IN THE MOVIES" (the section on "Song of Summer" starts on page 168)

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NOTE:  "Song of Summer" was released in the USA in 2008 as part of the "Ken Russell at the BBC" DVD box set (view the entry here)

The sound clips are in RealAudio 3.0 format.  You must have the free RealAudio Player (Version 3.0) to hear these files.

1.  Theatre Organ Piece by Eric Fenby (1:15)     1organ.ra

As a young man in Scarborough, Fenby held a job as organist at the Futurist Cinema, playing accompaniments for the silent films ("mostly Laurel and Hardys").

2.  Fenby writes to Delius, offering his help (2:35)     2fenwrit.ra

3.  Delius' first dictation to Fenby:  "ter, ter-ter...." (1:49)    3ter-ter.ra

4.  Fenby plays through "Poem of Life and Love" for Delius (2:09)     4poem.ra

5.  Delius reminisces about his experiences in Florida (2:35)   5florida.ra

6.  Delius on Nature (0:23)    6nature.ra

7.  Delius and Fenby work on "Song of Summer" (2:07)    7summer.ra

8.  Delius and Fenby begin work on "Songs of Farewell" (2:22)   8farewel.ra

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