Jim Seals and Dash Crofts are a singer-songwriter duo that charted several major hit records during the 1970's, including "Summer Breeze", "Diamond Girl", "Hummingbird", "We May Never Pass This Way Again", "I'll Play for You", and "Get Closer".   Their songs are highly melodic folk-pop, but many carry messages relating to Seals and Crofts' belief in the Bahai faith.  This does not detract from the listenability and popularity of their finely crafted songs.

Seals and Crofts' albums were finally re-released on CD in 2007.

Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl and Get Closer were already available on CD,
but the other albums were released on CD for the first time by Wounded Bird. 

Here are the Wounded Bird catalog numbers:

1st Album                WOU-2809
Down Home             WOU-5004
Sudan Village            WOU-2976
Year of Sunday        WOU-2568
Unborn Child             WOU-2761
I'll Play For You        WOU-2848
One on One               WOU-3076
Takin' It Easy             WOU-3163
The Longest Road       WOU-3365

As of 2013, all of these CD's are again out of print,
and used copies are selling for top dollar on ebay and Amazon.

However, all of the albums are still available as digital downloads from!
Amazon's Seals and Crofts MP3 page

Seals & Crofts on the cover of Collector's Choice Music catalog (Sept 2007)

Click here for track list, sound clips and ordering information.

1971 Seals & Crofts Radio Broadcast Discovered in Archives
and is now available for ordering from Pacifica Radio!

The Seals and Crofts Page - This page by Tony Bentivegna is an excellent resource for information on Seals and Crofts: their careers, recordings, and current news.  Includes many excellent pictures and complete album lyrics.  
(Archived at The Wayback Machine)

Bill DeYoung's 1993 article about Seals and Crofts

From STEREO REVIEW MAGAZINE, January 1971 issue:

"The Sound of Seals and Crofts"  - Eric Salzman's review of their first two albums on the Bell/TA label

"Introducing Seals and Crofts" - Deborah Landau's interview with Jim and Dash

NOTE: The STEREO REVIEW articles first sparked my interest in Seals and Crofts.   The lead photo on this web page is taken from that issue.

The Champs - Here is a picture of Jimmy and Dash during their days with The Champs of "Tequila" fame.   See if you can identify them in the picture.  Six people are in the picture, but only five are named in the caption!  The Champs may also have swapped instruments for the picture.  (From a British book "Golden Discs")

Several photos of Jimmy Seals playing sax for a late 1950's session with the late, great Eddie Cochran at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood, California.

1971 Concert Photos:

Press Clippings:    

Jimmy and Dash at TA Records reception
News item regarding 1971 tour dates
Ad for Year of Sunday
News item regarding "Hummingbird" and "Summer Breeze"
Magazine photo with wives (Ruby Jean and Billie Lee)
Portrait (circa 1973)
Performing at California Jam (1974)
In the studio (mid-70's)

Concert Posters and Trade Ads:

Fillmore West postcard 1970:     Front     Back
1971 Ad mentioning tour dates and TV appearances     2nd copy
Concert Poster: Texas A&M 11/5/71
1972 Ad
Concert Poster: Waikiki 8/8/72
Embassy Theater (1973)
Concert Poster: Maui 7/7/73       Ticket
Concert Poster: Waikiki 7/8/73
1973 Thank You Ad
Concert Poster: Houston 6/29/74
Concert Ticket: Waikiki 8/8/74
Unborn Child poster

1975 Trade Ad
1975 Ad with 4 photos
1975 Trade Ad - Louie Shelton
1975 Thank You Ad

1975 Dawnbreaker Music Ad
1975 Trade Ad for winter tour
1976 ad for Get Closer
Concert Poster: Paramount Northwest 7/14/76
1978 ad for Takin' It Easy
1978 promo photo for Takin' It Easy
Concert Poster: Paramount Theater 8/27/78 (poster says concert was to be recorded)
Trade Ad for Greatest Hits album

4 Warner Bros. promo posters

Seals and Crofts appeared in the finale of the 1978 film SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND!  Here are some screen shots.


Seals and Crofts sing "The First Years" (Theme Song of 1978 TV series "The Paper Chase")
    Opening Theme (184K: MP3 format)  1:13
    Closing Theme (76K: MP3 format)      0:30

Seals and Crofts sing "Nobody Can Do It Like McDonald's Can!" (482K: AU format)   1:00

Seals and Crofts sing 2 songs from the soundtrack of "Foolin' Around" (1979):
   "Foolin' Around" (Music & Lyrics by Charles Bernstein)
   "These Moments Never Live Again" (Music by Charles Bernstein, Lyrics by Jim Seals and Charles Bernstein)

Early songs written by Seals and Crofts for others:

By Dash Crofts:
Rockin' Mary (The Champs)

By Jimmy Seals:
It's Never Too Late (Brenda Lee)
Love Is A Bird (Gene Vincent)
Yesterday of Our Love (Jimmy Seals)
I Believe In Her (The Knickbockers)
Is That What You Want (The Knickerbockers)
Only The Young (Rick Nelson)
Jumping Bean (The Champs)

By Dash Crofts & Jimmy Seals:
If You See My Love (Lenny Welch)
When The Chips Are Down (Rick Nelson)

Seals and Crofts Videos on YouTube:

Warner Brothers promo video (Part 1) (5:53) - "Summer Breeze"
Warner Brothers promo video (Part 2) (8:32) - "Hummingbird"
Summer Breeze (1974)
Summer Breeze (Live at Oregon State Fair - audio is dubbed from studio version)
Windflowers (Live 1974)
Diamond Girl
Paper Airplanes (1973)

Seals and Seals (Jimmy and Dan)

The Champs play "Too Much Tequila" - Jimmy on sax; Dash on drums

Click on image to enlarge

Seals and Crofts: Live at Texas A&M 1971

Here is my own audience recording of Seals and Crofts performing at G. Rollie White Coliseum in College Station, Texas on November 5, 1971.  They were the opening act for Kris Kristofferson.  At this time, Seals and Crofts were relatively unknown, and had not yet released their first album on the Warner Brothers label (Year of Sunday).   At that time, I had both of their Bell albums; had read the features on them in the January 1971 issue of STEREO REVIEW; and had seen them perform on the television show "Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" on March 7, 1971.


Jim Seals: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Saxophone, Throat-Singing
Dash Crofts: Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboard
Bobby Lichtig: Electric Bass

These are MP3 sound files.  You should be able to hear them just by clicking on them. 
To save, right click on the link, SAVE AS to your PC, then use Media Player or other player to listen.

Track Song Title Comments Time File Size
1 Freaks Fret Later issued on "I'll Play For You" -  Features Dash's mandolin solo 3:05 2.9 MB
2 Gabriel Go On Home From "Down Home" LP 3:21 3.1 MB
3 The Boy Down the Road Later issued on "Summer Breeze" LP 5:36 5.2 MB
4 "Hog-Calling Music" (Unreleased) Two country fiddle solos from Jim get the audience hollering! 4:04 3.8 MB
5 Earth From "Seals and Crofts" LP 2:58 2.8 MB
6 "Throat-Singing" Jim demonstrates the ancient Tuvan art of singing two notes at once! 3:02 2.8 MB
7 Tin Town From "Down Home" LP (w/ spoken intro by Jim) 5:00 4.7 MB
8 Birthday of My Thoughts From "Seals and Crofts" LP 5:26 5.0 MB
9 Cottonmouth From "Down Home" LP 5:23 5.0 MB
10 Ridin' Thumb From "Down Home" LP - features Dash's blistering electric mandolin solo 4:03 3.8 MB
11 Wisdom Appeared later on "Diamond Girl" LP - Jim's cool sax workout; Dash adds some tasty electric mandolin effects 4:59 4.7 MB
12 Year of Sunday Title track of forthcoming LP 5:56 5.5 MB

51:33  48.4 MB

Seals and Crofts: Live Radio Broadcast (November 14, 1971)
(Available from the Pacifica Audio Archives)

This recording was discovered in the Pacifica Archives in 2008.   The tape has been restored and converted to CD format.
The sound quality is very good.   The setlist includes many of the songs that S&C performed earlier that month at Texas A&M, but adds several more songs from their newly released Warners LP "Year Of Sunday".  

(Thanks to Steve Donoso for providing this information and for underwriting Pacifica's tape restoration costs!)


Archive Number BC0709.05 (Free Music Store - No. 5 - Seals & Crofts)
Price: $14.09 (includes shipping)
CLICK HERE to order online


1. Freaks Fret / Irish Linen
2. Earth
3. Hog Calling Music
4. Throat singing / Tin Town
5. Birthday of My Thoughts
6. Cottonmouth
7. Ridin' Thumb
8. Wisdom
9. Springfield Mill
10. High On A Mountain
11. Year of Sunday
12. Fiddle Music
13. Fiddle Music

Click here to read Steve Donoso's review of the CD

Seals and Crofts Radio Interview (1976):

Seals and Crofts: Live in California, September 1979

Here is an audience recording of Seals and Crofts live in California on September 28, 1979.    Reportly recorded at the Greek Theater on 9/29/79, according to the person who captured the audio.  However, some derivative copies assert the concert took place at the Hollywood Bowl.      Thanks to the person who made the original recording and was willing to share it; they wished to remain anonymous.

Song Title
I'll Play For You

29 Years From Texas

Listen Download

Listen Download
Get Closer

Listen Download
Never Live Without Your Love
Unreleased song from "The Longest Road" sessions
Listen Download
One More Time

Listen Download
Dust On My Saddle

Listen Download
Fiddle Tune

Listen Download

Listen Download
Ruby Jean & Billie Lee

Listen Download
My Fair Share

Listen Download

Listen Download
You're The Love

Listen Download
Diamond Girl

Listen Download
Put Your Love In My Hands

Listen Download
Thank You to the Orchestra

Listen Download
Song by Paul Parrish, not released on any S&C album
Listen Download



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