Home Run King of the 1962 Houston Colt .45s

Roman Mejias passed away on February 22, 2023.   
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(compiled from the Colts player booklet, playing cards, Internet pages and Ron Briley's essay in "Class at Bat")

ROMAN MEJIAS (Society for American Baseball Research article)


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1962 COLTS YEARBOOK - PAGE ABOUT ROMAN MEJIAS:   Regular size scan         Large size scan


With the Waco Pirates (1954)    #25 of 100 Top Minor League teams of all time

"The batting star of the Pirates was 22-year-old right-handed hitting outfielder Roman Mejias, a native of Abreu, Las Villas, Cuba, who now resides in Los Angeles. Mejias hit.354-15-141 in 139 games. He led the league in doubles (49), was second in RBI and total bases (316) and fourth in batting. Mejias hit safely in 55 consecutive games, setting a record for lower classification leagues. The streak, which ended August 2, coincided with Waco’s surge into its commanding lead. Mejias jumped all the way to Pittsburgh the next season and spent all or part of nine years in the majors with Pittsburgh, Houston and Boston, compiling a .254-54-202 record in 627 games. His best year was 1962 with Houston when he hit .286-24-76 in 146 games."
Article: "Remembering the 1954 Waco Pirates and The Mejias Streak" (Society for American Baseball Research)

With the Pittsburgh Pirates (1955-1961):
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1955: Roman Mejias with Roberto Clemente & Felipe Montemayor
1955: Autographed photo
1955 Roman Mejias APBA card
1955 Pirates team photo

1956 Pirates poster page

1957 photo (Pirates)

1957 Wirephoto - Roman injured (muscle stitch), in wheelchair (4/23/57)       Front       Back

1957 AP Wirephoto - with Frank Torre

1957 photo (Polo Grounds - 7/6/57)

1958 Portrait Photo:     Small       Large     

1958 Pirates Team Photo          Closeup - Mejias

1958 AP Wirephoto (Havana, Cuba)

1958 Sporting News photo

1958 photo with Frank Thomas        2nd copy of photo
Same photo, with AP crop marks and masking
Cropped photo         Cropped photo as published in paper
In 1978, this photo was used for a "Red Sox Legend" baseball card:       Front      Back

1958 AP Wirephoto - with Dick Stuart, Ed Parker & Duke Zilber

6-19-58 - Going after ball in left field (AP Wirephoto)      Cropped

1959 Pirates Team Photo         Closeup - Mejias

1959 UPI photo with Elroy Face (6/26/59)           Back of photo       Another copy of this photo

8-16-59 Wirephoto (throwing helmet)           Back of photo      Another copy of this photo

Late 50's photo (Pirates)         1957 Pirates portrait      1959 Pirates portrait 1      1959 Pirates portrait 2

Snapshot photo (Pirates)

Autographed TCMA card - 1960 Pirates        Back of card

Post card (published by George Brace), autographed by Roman Mejias

          Click here for larger image                

With the Columbus Jets farm team (1961):

Photo and background information from Colt .45s 1961 draft file:

Portrait Photo:     Small       Medium      Large

Player information:  
Page 1 (Biography)
Page 2 (Seasonal stats)
Page 3 (Lifetime stats)

Autographed card (from Jets Stadium)

Autographed ball

With the Houston Colt .45s (1962):

Portrait Photo        Autographed Portrait Photo 
Alternate Portrait Photo 1
Autographed alternate portrait
Alternate Portrait Photo 2
(Wirephoto 3/9/63)        
Batting Photo

1962 Roman Mejias postcard by Jim Elder        Large scan of postcard
   (scan provided by Lance Fittro)

UPI photo 5-5-62 - sliding into 3rd base in Milwaukee       Back of photo (description)

UPI photo 6-13-62 - sliding home against Mets

With Dick Farrell after multiple home run games in Milwaukee

Roman speaks during pre-game ceremonies

"Roman Holidays" - Roman runs the bases on an inside-the-park home run

1962 Topps Card - FRONT
1962 Topps Card - BACK

Autographed program

Roman Mejias' profile: 1962 Colts Yearbook
Roman Mejias' profile: Houston Press April 10, 1962

Info card on Roman Mejias bat

Autographed color photo - 1962

Roman Mejias & Bob Aspromonte Louisville Slugger bats  
Info card on the two bats
Photo of Roman Mejias with the bat
Three more photos of the bat:    View 1       View 2       View 3

Colts 1962 facsimile autograph baseball with Mejias signature

With the Boston Red Sox (1963):

Reunited with his wife at Phoenix airport (AP wirephoto 3-16-63)          Larger photo

With family at Phoenix airport (AP photo 3-16-63)

1963 Portrait with Red Sox uniform           Autographed portrait     Another copy of this photo

1963 Roman Mejias postcard by Jim Elder            Large scan of postcard
      (scan provided by Lance Fittro)    Sepia tone copy of photo (autographed)  

1963 Roman Mejias postcard by J.D. McCarthy (autographed)        Back of postcard
    2nd copy of this postcard (autographed)        Back of postcard

1963 Red Sox Team Photo              Closeup - Mejias

1964 Red Sox Team Photo              Closeup - Mejias

Mejias in Red Sox uniform (from negative)

Mejias slides into 2nd base, breaking up a double play

1963 press photo of Mejias with his son José        Another copy of this photo
1963 press photo of Mejias with his son José in batting stance

1963 Roman Mejias with Ted Williams

1963 Roman Mejias with fellow outfielders Carl Yastrzemski and Lou Clinton

1963 Roman Mejias with fellow outfielders Carl Yastrzemski and Lou Clinton at Baseball Writers Dinner

1964 APBA card (Red Sox)

The Spalding "Roman Mejias" 3-Finger Baseball Glove (1959) 

This is a Roman Mejias glove that is very rare and unlisted in the glove collector book. It is a three finger glove, a Spalding 1247, "triple play" in great condition. It has a spot on the pinkie finger and the owners name on the strap. This glove was made in 1959.    

Closeup of Roman Mejias name    
View 1    View 2     View 3     View 4

2nd copy of glove:   View 1     View 2      View 3

"Roman Mejias" 5-Finger Baseball Glove         Photo of glove        Various views of glove

1962 COLT .45s JERSEY #25: ROMAN MEJIAS (?)
(Photos courtesy of
Andrew Caparelli / B&E Collectibles Inc.)

View 1      View 2      View 3      View 4      View 5      View 6


Front     Back      Label

Scans from Athletic Laboratories (Chicago) 1962 assessment files on Roman Mejias: 
Scan 1    Scan 2

Strat-O-Matic Card:      Front      Back

Picture Pal license agreement signed in 1963 by Roman Mejias       Page 1       Page 2

Autographed sheet
Autographed index card with 1955 rookie note
Autographed index card
Another autographed card
Another autographed card
Index card inscribed to David Mussey
Index card inscribed to Andy Gerry
Autograph (blue ink)

Roman Mejias autographed baseball

Roman Mejias autographed baseball with letter of authenticity

Another bseball autographed by Roman Mejias

Click here for larger image
The Houston Chronicle newspaper published six pairs of "Houston Colt 45's Scrapbook" player bios in the spring of 1962. The weekly "scrapbook" featurette, presented in the paper's Sunday color comics section, was part of an area-wide effort to promote the city's new Major League Baseball team. It featured pen-and-ink drawings and short biographies of the new team's most promising players, and offered a coloring contest for children age 6 to 14. The prize for that contest was a "Colt Sixshooter Membership," which included a Colt T-shirt, tickets to four games and a souvenir "Six Gun."

Among the players in this set was Roman Mejias, the Colt .45s' first star slugger.  (Click on image for larger view)

Roman Mejias - Japan 1966 - as a player for the Sankei Atoms (from souvenir postcards):

(These are all the known Roman Mejias baseball cards)

1957 Topps #362 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
    Another copy of this card:    Front      Back

1958 Topps #452 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
    Another copy of this card:     Front     Back     Autographed photo card

1959 Topps #218 (Pittsburgh Pirates)       BACK
    Another copy of this card:     Front     Back

1959 Dell Magazine card (Pittsburgh Pirates)
1959 Baseball Register Panel

1960 Topps #2 (Pittsburgh Pirates)
      Another copy of this card:     Front     Back

1960 Dell Magazine card (Pittsburgh Pirates)

Autographed TCMA 1960 Pirates card          Back of card

1961 Dell Magazine card (Pittsburgh Pirates)

1962 Topps #354 (Houston Colt .45s)     FRONT    BACK

1963 Jello #186 (Houston Colt .45s)        
    Mejias Jello card with near-complete box         Complete Mejias Jello box:  Front    Back
1963 Post Cereal #186 (Houston Colt .45s)

1963 Topps #432 (Boston Red Sox)     AUTOGRAPHED CARD    Back of card      Autographed photo card
1963 Dell Magazine card
1963 Whitestone panel

1964 Topps #186 (Boston Red Sox)        FRONT    BACK
        Another copy of this card:     Front     Back

1978 Boston Globe card:    FRONT     BACK

(2005)  1955 Star Rookie Card: ROMAN MEJIAS & ROBERTO CLEMENTE      Front of card       Back of card


Roman Mejias: 9th Inning Winning Home Run
Roman Mejias: Home Run for 15 game hitting streak
Roman Mejias: First Inside-the-Park Home Run in Colt Stadium

YouTube: Color video clip of the 1962 Colt .45s includes footage of Roman Mejias


STATISTICS: Pre-1962 (including farm clubs)
STATISTICS: American & National League (from
STATISTICS: from (includes links for top performances, pitcher matchups, etc.)
STATISTICS: Japan League   (Thanks to Gary Garland for this info from his website JAPAN BASEBALL DAILY) Player Profile - Roman Mejias
Astroland webpage about Roman Mejias

A VISIT WITH ROMAN MEJIAS by Jack Heyde (from "Pop Flies and Line Drives" (1999)

Cubans in Baseball Cards

Book: CLASS AT BAT by Ron Briley (contains an essay on Mejias' career)           Essay by Ron Briley (9/22/01)

Roman Mejias' baseball uniforms through the years (from Baseball-Reference & The Baseball Hall of Fame)

NOTE:  Since 1962 (47 years and counting),
Roman Mejias has held the record for starting
his Houston career with an eight-game hitting streak.
In April 2009, Jeff Keppinger tied the record, but did not break it.

Per the AP newswire 4/22/09:
"Astros 3B Jeff Keppinger had a single in the seventh inning to extend his hitting streak to eight games.
He is the second player in franchise history to start his Houston career with an eight-game hitting streak.
The other player to do it was Roman Mejias, who did it for the Colt 45s in 1962,
according to the Elias Sports Bureau."

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