San Antonio Ragtime Society - We meet every other month to play ragtime music at the regular meetings.
   We also have an annual Ragtime Festival in May, featuring concerts by well-known ragtime artists.
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     Program from the San Antonio Ragtime Festival, May 19-20, 2012
     Photo of Bill Thompson performing at the Festival on Sunday morning 5/20/12

"The Ragtime Oriole" - historic music and coffee shop in Marble Falls, Texas (named after a James Scott rag!)

The Scott Joplin International Ragtime Foundation (Annual Ragtime Festival - Sedalia, MO)
The Scott Joplin House and Museum (St. Louis, MO)
The Friends of Scott Joplin - Facebook Group (St. Louis, MO)

Ragtimers Club Facebook Group

World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest & Festival (Oxford, Mississippi)

West Coast Ragtime Society        Facebook page for Festival

The 1977 made-for-TV movie "Scott Joplin" is available on DVD through Interlibrary Loan:

The movie as also available for "rent" on several video streaming services:


Ragtime Duet scores: Micro Pro Musica Press  (scores are free to use for personal use) - site by Michael Chisholm and Tom Brier with sheet music links

Ted Tjaden's Ragtime Site (Great site for sheet music!)

Perfessor Bill Edwards website (Biographies, MIDI files, sheet music)

University of Colorado Online Sheet Music Collection

Duke University Historic Sheet Music Collection

Johns Hopkins University Historic Sheet Music Collection

A Ragtime Compendium by Michael Mathew

Ragtime Press (Sue Keller)

Rag's Rag (Sheet music and audio files)

Dee Family (Sheet music collection):    Scott Joplin     James Scott    Joseph Lamb

Warren Trachtman's Ragtime Page (MIDI files)

Jack Rummel's (with reviews of ragtime folios and CDs)

Swedish Ragtime Page (MIDI files, lists of ragtime resources)

MP3 DOWNLOADS (and Other Online Audio):

"Joseph Lamb: A Study in Classic Ragtime" (paid MP3 download: Joseph Lamb playing his own rags in 1959)

"Piano Rags by Scott Joplin", played by Joshua Rifkin (paid MP3 download from
"James Scott: Complete Works", played by Guido Nielsen (paid MP3 download from Boomkat)

"Scott Joplin: Complete Rags, Marches & Waltzes", played by Guido Nielsen (paid MP3 download from Amazon)

"Joseph Lamb: Complete Stark Rags", played by Guido Nielsen (paid MP3 download from Boomkat)

The Piano Society has some recordings of rags by Scott Joplin and James Scott that you can listen for free.  
On each page, right click on a link if you want to download the rag to your computer.
The Library of Congress' "National Jukebox" has streaming audio of many historic 78 RPM recordings.



Ragtime: An Encyclopedia, Discography and Sheetography by David A. Jasen (ISBN 0415978629)

Rags and Ragtime: A Musical History by David A. Jasen and Trebor J. Tichenor (ISBN 0486259226)

1001 Rags - 1897-1920 - Rags & Ragtime Sheet Music - A Pictorial Price Guide by Thomas Inglis (ISBN 0978411226) 

King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era by Edward Berlin (ISBN 0195101081)

They All Played Ragtime by Rudi Blesh and Harriet Janis (ISBN 082560091X)

Joseph F. Lamb: A Passion for Ragtime by Carol J. Binkowsky (ISBN 0786468114)

RAGTIME: Its History, Composers, and Music by John Edward Hasse (ISBN 9780028716503)

Scott Joplin and the Age of Ragtime by Ray Argyle (ISBN 0786443766)

From the Appendix, here is a tantalizing list of "Known Lost Works" by Scott Joplin.  It is tragic that these Joplin manuscripts and unfinished works are probably lost forever.
1901: A Blizzard
1903: A Guest of Honor (opera)
1905: You Stand Good With Me, Babe
    Morning Glories
    For the Sake of All
    Syncopated Jamboree
    Pretty Pansy Rag
    Recitative Rag
    If (musical comedy)
    Symphony No. 1
    Piano Concerto


"Temptation Rag" by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard (granddaughter-in law of ragtime composer Mike Bernard)


Bittersweet Rag (Missouri's contribution to the music world)

Joplin's hand-played piano roll of "Pleasant Moments" discovered

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