Frederick Delius'
"Poem of Life and Love"
Orchestral Work (1918)

Poem of Life and Love (17:17)
in RealAudio format - MONO (2MB)
 This is a recording of the world premiere 1999 radio broadcast by the BBC Orchestra conducted by Vernon Handley.   This performance is not available commercially.  It is being provided here so that those who were not able to hear the original broadcast can hear this important Delius work for the first time.

In 1928  Eric Fenby assisted Delius in transforming "Poem of Life and Love" into "A Song of Summer".  It is very revealing to hear the "Poem" in its original format.

Poem of Life and Love (RealAudio format: 2 MB) - poem.ra

Poem of Life and Love (MP3 format: 16 MB) - poem.mp3 

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"Poem of Life and Love" (2 piano version) in MIDI format
     This arrangement by Balfour Gardiner is the one that Gardiner and Fenby played for Delius when work was beginning on "Song of Summer".


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