Maria Muldaur may be best known for her 1974 mega-hit “Midnight at the Oasis” and the follow-up, the iconic anthem “I’m A Woman.” But, her pop success aside, her 47 year career is best described as a long and rambling odyssey through various forms of American roots music.


Cover of Rolling Stone magazine (1974)

Posters: (some of these are available at Wolfgang's Vault)

1972 poster
1974 (5/25/74) concert with Grateful Dead
1974 (12/5/74) concert
1976 (4/12/76) concert at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin
1976 (4/15 & 4/16) at Liberty Hall in Houston          Larger scan of this poster
    I attended this concert and it was superb!  (See the Sound Files section for a link to a recording of the 3/23/76 concert on this tour)
1980 (12/26/80) concert at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin

Sound files:

YouTube Videos:

Maria playing tambourine on another Kweskin Jug Band song
Clip from Bob Dylan DVD with brief excerpt of Maria singing with Jug Band
Midnight at the Oasis (Midnight Special 1974)
Richland Woman Blues (1988 Philadelphia Folk Festival)
Minglewood (Geoff Muldaur, vocal)

Other Maria Muldaur videos on YouTube

One Hour Mama (recent one minute clip)


Official Maria Muldaur Website
Maria's Facebook Page
Wikipedia entry
1978 Rolling Stone article
Fan Site (Hideki Watanabe) - This site has a very good discography, including Maria's guest appearances on albums by other artists
NPR Interview discussing Maria's 2006 CD "Heart of Mine"

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