Frederick Delius (1862-1934)

Delius Music/Literature Cross-Reference

Literary Artist Delius Musical Work(s)
Cristen Asbjørnsen Eventyr ("Once Upon a Time") (tone-poem)
Hans Christian Andersen Zwei bräune Augen (song)
Carl Anderson Frühlingsanbruch (song)
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Over the Mountains High (song); Sonnenscheinlied (part-song); Slumber Song (song); Evening Voices (song); Young Venevel (song); Secret Love (song); Skogen gir susende, langsom besked (song)
Edward G.E.L. Bulwer-Lytton Zanoni (incidental music)
George Washington Cable Koanga (opera)
Ernest Dowson Songs of Sunset (soprano/baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra); Cynara (baritone and orchestra)
Holger Drachmann Sakuntala (tenor and orchestra); Lyse Naetter (song); On the Seashore (song); Im Glück wir lachend gingen (song); Jeg hører i Natten (song); Summer Landscape (song)
James Elroy Flecker Hassan (incidental music)
Gunnar Heiberg Folkeraadet (incidental music)
Heinrick Heine four songs (?)
Marie Heinitz Traum Rosen (song)
James Elroy Flecker Hassan (incidental music)
Ludvig Holstein The Violet (song); Autumn (song)
Henrik Ibsen Paa Vidderne (tone-poem); Hochgebirgsleben (song); Cradle Song (song); Minstrels (song); The Bird's Story (song)
Jens Peter Jacobsen The Page Sat in the Lofty Tower (song); Through long, long years (song); Wine Roses (song); Let Springtime Come (song); Irmelin Rose (song); In the Seraglio Garden (song); Silken Shoes (song); Fennimore and Gerda (opera); An Arabesque (baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra)
Ernst Josephson Black Roses (song)
C.F. Keary Koanga (opera libretto); A Village Romeo and Juliet (opera libretto)
Gottfried Keller A Village Romeo and Juliet (opera)
Theodor Kjerulf Longing (song)
Vilhelm Krag Jeg havde en nyskaaren Seljefløjte (song)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hiawatha (tone-poem)
Fiona Macleod I-Brasil (song)
Jorgen Engebretsen Moë Eventyr ("Once Upon a Time") (tone-poem)
May Morgan The Streamlet's Slumber Song (song)
Andreas Munck Sunset (song)
Alfred de Musset Chanson de Fortunio (song)
Friedrich Nietzsche Der Wanderer und sein Schatten (song); Der Einsame (song); Der Wanderer (song); Nach neuen Meeren (song); Mitternachtslied Zarathustras (baritone, male chorus, and orchestra); A Mass of Life (soloists, double-chorus, and orchestra)
John Paulsen Summer Eve (song)
Robert Reinick An den Sonnenschein (part-song)
Jean Richepin Nuages (song)
Helge Rode La ronde se déroule (tone-poem)
Rosenval (aka Berthe Gaston-Danville) Margot la Rouge (opera)
Percy Bysshe Shelley Indian Love Song (song); Love's Philosophy (song); To the Queen of my Heart (song)
Heinrich Simon Requiem (soprano/baritone, double chorus, and orchestra)
Arthur Symons On Craig Dhu (part-song); Wanderer's Song (part-song); Midsummer Song (part-song)
Alfred Tennyson Maud - Come into the garden; Go not, happy day; I was walking a mile; Birds in the high-hall garden (songs for tenor and orchestra); Little Birdie (song); The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls (part-song)
Paul Verlaine Deux Mélodies - Il pleure dans mon coeur; Le ciel est par dessus la toit (songs); Chanson d'automne (song); Avant que tu ne t'en ailles (song)
Aasmund Olavsson (A.O.) Vinje The Homeward Journey (song)
? von Geibel O schneller, mein Ross! (song)
J.S. Cammermeyer Welhaven The Nightingale (song)
Walt Whitman Sea Drift (baritone, mixed chorus, and orchestra); Songs of Farewell (double chorus and orchestra); Idyll ("Once I passed thro' a populous City") (soprano/baritone and orchestra)

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