(prepared by Jeff Gower from Lionel Carley's Delius: A Life in Letters)

        Zwei bräune Augen, song (H.C. Andersen)
        Over the Mountains High, song (Bjørnson)
        Pensées Mélodieuses, piano piece
        Zum Carnival, piano piece


        Florida (Tropical Scenes for Orchestra)
          I.  Daybreak - Dance
         II.  By the River
        III.  Sunset - Near the Plantation
         IV.  At Night 

        Norske Wiser, ?? - July/August
        Part songs in German ??
        Norwegian Sleigh Ride, piano piece (later to be orchestrated)
        Hiawatha, tone poem after Longfellow - begun


        Hiawatha, tone poem after Longfellow - completed January
                (original score has not survived complete)
        Paa Vidderne, melodrama (Ibsen) - begun June, completed
        Five Songs From the Norwegian:
                Slumber Song (Bjørnson), The Nightingale (Welhaven),
                Summer Eve (J. Paulsen), Longing (Th. Kjerulf), Sunset (A.
        Swedish Folk Song Arrangement
        Hochgebirgsleben, song (Ibsen)
        O schneller, mein Ross!, song (von Geibel)
        Zanoni, incidental music (Bulwer-Lytton) - summer, unfinished
        Suite for Violin and Orchestra - summer?
        Rhapsodic Variations, for large orchestra - September,  unfinished
        Three pieces for string orchestra - c. September
        String Quartet - finished October/November - MS incomplete


        Sakuntala, for tenor and orchestra (Drachmann)
        Seven Songs from the Norwegian:
                Cradle Song (Ibsen), The Homeward Journey (A.O. Vinje),
                Evening Voices (Bjørnson), Venevil (Bjørnson),
                Minstrels (Ibsen), Secret Love (Bjørnson),
                The Bird's Story (Ibsen) (four completed, the rest 1890)
        Florida  suite - revision of two movements
        Romance, for violin
        Two piano pieces
        Idylle de Printemps, for orchestra
        Small Piece, composed jointly by Grieg, Sinding, and Delius -
                Jotunheim, August
        Draft orchestral piece - Leirungs Hytte, Jotunheim, Norge - August
                - incomplete
        Chanson de Fortunio, song (Musset) - November
        Norwegian Bridal Procession (comp. Grieg) - orchestrated by Delius in
        Suite d' Orchestre  - May
           1. Marche [Caprice]
           2. La Quadroone (Une Rapsodie Floridienne)
           3. Berceuse
           4. Scherzo
           5. Theme et Variations
        (Norwegian) Sleigh Ride  - orchestrated


        Seven Songs from the Norwegian  - completed
        Irmelin, opera - begun
        Three Small Tone Poems:
                Sleigh Ride (1889 orchestrated version)
                Summer Evening
                Spring Morning
        A l'Amore, orchestral fragment - (1890?)
        Petite Suite d'Orchestre:
           1.  Allegretto ma non troppo (G minor)
           2.  Con moto (G minor)
           3.  Allegretto (E major)
        Légendes (Sagen), for piano and orchestra - draft incomplete
        Two piano pieces - completed 1890?
               1.  Valse
               2.  Reverie 
        Skogen gir susende, langsom besked, song (Bjørnson) - 1890/91
        Four Heine Songs  - begun
        Paa Vidderne, symphonic poem - begun


        Irmelin, opera - continued
        Four Heine Songs  - completed
        Maud, five songs for tenor and orchestra (Tennyson):
                Come into the garden; Go not, happy day; I was walking a mile,
                Birds in the high-hall garden
        Three Shelley Songs:
                Indian Love Song; Love's Philosophy; To the Queen of my Heart
        Lyse Naetter, song (Drachmann)
        Paa Vidderne  - revised


        Irmelin, opera - completed
        Paa Vidderne, symphonic poem - revised and completed
        Sonata in B Major for Violin and Piano
        Légende, for violin and orchestra - conceivably completed as a work for
                violin and piano in 1892, and orchestrated in 1895
        String Quartet - probably begun in 1892


        Jeg havde en nyskaaren Seljefløjte, song (Krag)
        Nuages, song (Richepin)
        Over the Hills and Far Away, "fantasy overture" - begun? - completed
        String Quartet - completed?


        The Magic Fountain, opera - begun mid 1894
        Anatomie et Physiologie de l'Orchestre, booklet by Delius and Papus
        Irmelin (piano arrangement by Florent Schmitt) - May


        The Magic Fountain, opera - completed
        Deux Mélodies, songs (Verlaine):
                Il pleure dans mon coeur; Le ciel est par dessus la toit
        The Page sat in the lofty Tower, song (Jacobsen) - 1895?
        Légende, for violin and orchestra - orchestrated 1895?
        The Magic Fountain (piano arrangement by Florent Schmitt) - 1895?


        Koanga, opera (C.F. Keary) - begun
        Appalachia, American Rhapsody for Orchestra  RT  (an early version of
                the later orchestral variations)
        Romance, for cello and piano


        Koanga, opera - completed early 1897
        Piano Concerto in C Minor (first version entitled Fantasy for Orchestra
                and Pianoforte) - Florida, spring 1897; completed Paris, late 1897
        Folkeraadet, incidental music to Gunnar Heiberg's play
                - summer/autumn
        Seven Danish Songs, with orchestral or piano arrangement - largely
                completed in 1897:
                On the Seashore (Drachmann); Through long, long years
                (Jacobsen); Wine Roses (Jacobsen); Let Springtime Come
                (Jacobsen); Irmelin Rose (Jacobsen); In the Seraglio Garden
                (Jacobsen); Silken Shoes (Jacobsen)
        Koanga (piano arrangement by Florent Schmitt) - 1897/8?
        A Village Romeo and Juliet (draft libretto prepared by C.F. Keary)


        The Magic Fountain, opera - minor revision
        Koanga, opera - some revision
        Seven Danish Songs  - some revision/completion?
        Four Nietzsche Songs  - completed early 1898?:
                Der Wanderer und sein Schatten; Der Einsame; Der Wanderer;
                Nach neuen Meeren
        Mitternachtslied Zarathustras, for baritone solo, male chorus, and
        Traum Rosen, song (Marie Heinitz)
        Im Glück wir lachend gingen, song (Drachmann)
        La ronde se déroule, symphonic poem after Helge Rode  RT - begun


        La ronde se déroule  - completed
        Paris, Nocturne (The Song of a Great City), for large orchestra
        A Village Romeo and Juliet, opera - composition substantially begun
                towards end of 1899


        La ronde se déroule (Dansen gaar)  - undergoes revision
        A Village Romeo and Juliet, opera - continued
        Two songs:  The Violet  and Autumn  (Ludvig Holstein)


        A Village Romeo and Juliet, opera - completed
        Lebenstanz, symphonic poem for large orchestra - Now completed in its
                first version, this was a substantial reworking of the earlier La
                ronde se déroule .
        Black Roses, song (Ernst Josephson)
        Jeg hører i Natten, song (Drachmann)
        Margot la Rouge, one-act opera (Rosenval, i.e. Berthe Gaston-Danville)
                - begun late 1901?


        Margot la Rouge, one-act opera - completed
        Summer Landscape, song (Drachmann) - April
        Appalachia, Variations on an Old Slave Song, with final Chorus, for
                large orchestra - reworking, begun this year, of the American
                Rhapsody of 1896
        A Village Romeo and Juliet (piano arrangement by Florent Schmitt)
        Margot la Rouge (piano arrangement by Maurice Ravel) - Autumn


        Appalachia  - revised work completed?
        Sea Drift, for baritone solo, mixed chorus and large orchestra
                (Whitman) - begun this year?


        Sea Drift  - completed this year?
        A Mass of Life, for soloists, mixed double chorus and large orchestra
                (Nietzsche) - begun (one Dance Song completed in May)


        A Mass of Life  - completed
        Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano - sketched in part


        Piano Concerto in C Minor - further revision
        Songs of Sunset, for soprano and baritone solo, mixed chorus and
                orchestra (Ernest Dowson) - begun


        Piano Concerto in C Minor - further revision, Jan/Feb.
        Songs of Sunset  - completed
        Brigg Fair, An English Rhapsody, for orchestra
        On Craig Dhu, part-song for unaccompanied chorus (Symons)
                - December
        Cynara, for baritone solo and orchestra (Dowson) - draft full score


        Part-songs for unaccompanied chorus (Symons):
                Wanderer's Song; Midsummer Song
        In a Summer Garden, Rhapsody for full Orchestra - Spring
        A Dance Rhapsody  No. 1, for orchestra
        Fennimore and Gerda, opera "in eleven pictures" (Delius, after J. P.
                Jacobsen) - begun


        Fennimore and Gerda, opera - continued


        Fennimore and Gerda, opera - continued


        Fennimore and Gerda, opera - completed (later revised)
        Chanson d'automne, song (Verlaine)
        Summer Night on the River, for small orchestra
        An Arabesque, for baritone solo, mixed chorus and orchestra (J.P.
                Jacobsen) - autumn
        The Song of the High Hills, for orchestra and wordless chorus - begun


        The Song of the High Hills  - completed
        Lebenstanz, symphonic poem for large orchestra - revised
        On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, for small orchestra


        Fennimore and Gerda, opera - revision/addition of new ending
        I-Brasil, song (Fiona Macleod)
        Two Songs for Children, for chorus with pianoforte accompaniment
                (Tennyson and May Morgan)
        Requiem, for soprano and baritone, double chorus and orchestra
                (Heinrich Simon) - begun
        North Country Sketches, for orchestra - begun


        North Country Sketches  - Nos. 3 and 4 completed
        Requiem - continued
        Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano - completed


        Four Old English Lyrics, songs (various authors) - No. 2-4 completed
        Double Concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra  RT
        Air and Dance, for string orchestra
        Eventyr  ("Once Upon A Time", after Asbjornsen's folklore) for
                orchestra - sketched


        Requiem - completion of last movement
        String Quartet - three movements completed
        A Dance Rhapsody  No. 2
        Four Old English Lyrics - No. 1 completed
        Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
        Sonata for Violoncello and Pianoforte


        To be sung of a summer night on the water, two unaccompanied part
                songs (wordless) for mixed voices - late spring
        String Quartet - general revision, and Scherzo added
        Eventyr - completed


        A Song Before Sunrise, for orchestra
        Poem of Life and Love, for orchestra
        Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano - first movement sketched


        Avant que tu ne t¹en ailles, song (Verlaine) - sketched
        Dance for Harpsichord


        Songs of Farewell, for double chorus and orchestra - sketched
        Hassan, incidental music to James Elroy Flecker¹s drama in 5 acts -


        Avant que tu ne t¹en ailles, song (Verlaine) - some revision ?
        Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra
        Hassan - original version completed


        Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano - begun
        Five Piano Pieces - begun
           1.  Mazurka
           2.  Waltz for a Little Girl
           3.  Waltz
           4.  Lullaby for a Modern Baby
           5.  Toccata   
        Three Preludes, for piano - begun


        Five Piano Pieces - completed
        Hassan - final version completed
        The Splendour falls on Castle Walls, unaccompanied part song for mixed
        Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano - completed
        Three Preludes, for piano - completed


        A Late Lark, for tenor and orchestra (W.E. Henley) - begun
        Fantastic Dance, for orchestra - sketched ?
        Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano - sketches for 2nd and 3rd movements

1925 - 1928

        (No serious composition was undertaken during the years 1925 - 1928.)


        Hassan suite (arranged for orchestra) - begun January, completed May
        Cynara - completed
        A Late Lark - completed
        A Song of Summer (revision of Poem of Life and Love)


        Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano - completed
        Songs of Farewell, for double chorus and orchestra (Whitman) -
        Caprice and Elegy, for violoncello and chamber orchestra


        Irmelin, prelude for orchestra - autumn
        Fantastic Dance, for orchestra - completed


        Idyll ("Once I passed thro' a populous City"), for soprano, baritone,
                and orchestra (text adapted from Whitman by Robert Nichols) -
                (a reshaping of music from Margot la Rouge) - October

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