A Delius Picture Gallery




Bradford census record for Delius family in 1871

Pen & ink sketch done by Delius in Florida - 1885

Fritz Delius at the piano - Paris 1893 (watercolor by Daniel de Monfried)

Delius in 1901 (from the frontispiece of an early pocket score)

Delius in 1907

Delius playing his Ibach grand piano at his home in Grez

Delius and his sister Clare in the garden at Grez             
Autograph of Clare Delius Black - 1951

Painting by Beckmann

Lithograph by Beckmann (1922)       Full photo      Face   Signature    Tag

Lifemask by Henry Clews

Painting by Ida Gerhardi

Drawing by Edvard Munch

Drawing by Edvard Munch

Portrait by Jelka Delius

Portrait by Achille Ouvre

Drawings by Augustus John (1929):         Drawing 1         Drawing 2

Painting by Ernest Procter (at 1929 Delius Festival)

delius1.gif - Photo art

delius2.jpg - Delius in his 50's


delboy.jpg - Delius as a boy

The British merchant ship "DELIUS" (click here for photos and information)

"Delius Fabrics" calendar - from Delius family fabric business in Bielefield, Germany

Photos of Delius' home at Grez-sur-Loing, France

Photos of Solano Grove with inscription by Mrs. Martha Richmond (who preserved the Delius House)

Photo of House at Solano Grove (1949)

Photo of Delius' grave at Limpsfield with original headstone (1949)      Closeup of headstone      

Old Florida road map with Solano Grove location marked

Photo of chair used by Delius for his last mountain journey in Norway
Scene from Norwegian television film re-enacting the mountain journey in Norway

Music Book:  "Delius For the Young Pianist"

THE PLAY magazine: HASSAN cover (1920's)

Commemorative postal cards with photos of Delius and Beecham

Program from a 1-16-1911 Nikisch performance of Brigg Fair

Poster for 1953 premiere of IRMELIN

Delius piano roll labels:   North Country Sketches (4 hands) played by Grainger & Leopold    Parts 2 & 3     Part 4       Parts 2 & 3 (alternate)      Part 4 (alternate)

Silver tray from 1965 Delius Festival in Florida              Closeup of inscription on tray

Silk tie by Delius Fabrics (Germany):      Front       Back (with Delius label)

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