The invitation states - 29th January  1862 - 1962  The Lord Mayor of Bradford (..) and the Chairman (..) and Members of the Executive Committee of the Delius Centenary Festival request your company at a Musical Evening followed by a champagne supper to celebrate the Centenary of the Birth of Frederick Delius to be held at Cartwright Memorial Hall, Lister Park, Bradford on Monday, 29th January, 1962, Dinner Jackets, Tickets £2-12-6 each.  Inside the invitation it states that the number of tickets will be limited to 300.  The recipient of the invitation was expected to tear off half and return it with his cheque to the Booking Office.  This invitation is complete and untorn.

The deluxe gold printed card cover is tied with blue satin tassles and the programme itself is stapled inside.  You will see that it is signed by the 18 year old Jacqueline Du Pre under her part in the proceedings, the Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, which she performed with Ernest Lush.   On the second page you will see the signature of the soprano Heather Harper and beside the entry for Sonata No 3 for Violin and Piano, we have the signatures of Ralph Holmes and Eric Fenby.  All are in blue ink.

The programme measures 6 x 8 closed, the invitation, 5 x 7.25, the ticket, 4.5 x 3.5 - all measurements in inches

A remarkable collection including special programme signed by four, untorn invitation, ticket, and press clippings.