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GPS coordinates of the turnoff from County Road 13 are N29 53.005 W81 33.600

The physical address is 12877 County Road 13, St Augustine, FL 32092

The road off Highway 13 down to the river is between four and five miles south of Picolata.  Meldrim Park is not a town, only a collection of small buildings (farmhouse, barn, sheds, etc.) to your left (east) off the highway.  At this point you start looking out for a road going to your right (west) down toward the river.  There is a gate there.  If it is closed, just open it up and go on in, but close the gate.  If the gate is locked, you obviously can't get in.  If you get in and start down the road, you will see, after going a short distance, the ruins of an old, and tiny church just to your right off the dirt road.  When you see this you will know you are on the right track. Keep following this road.  When you get to a fork in the road, bear left.   Eventually you will see the river ahead, with the memorial stone in the middle of your view.

Here is one showing the vicinity.   Solano Grove (circled on map) is part of "Meldrim Park".  Notice that Solano Grove and Meldrim Park is now an island in the middle of a sea of residential development.

The next shot is zoomed in to show Highway 13 and the unpaved road down to Solano Grove.    You can see the road as a faint line through the forest.

Finally, here is the closeup of Solano Grove (circled on map), with Mrs. Meldrim's house on the south side and the neighbor's house with the pier on the north side.

Here is the weblink to the Google Maps World Gazetteer site, where you can zoom in on selected locations:

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