The San Antonio Bullets

The San Antonio Bullets were a Double A farm club of the Houston Colt .45s, and played their
games in Mission Stadium.

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Below are scans from a Souvenir Record Program, Class AA Texas League, Baseball Convention, Nov. 24-Dec. 2, 1964, San Antonio, Texas.

Front cover
Sample pages
Photo of Joe Morgan
Back cover

On the front are ads for the Gunter Hotel and Dr. Pepper. Photos and bios of Lou Fitzgerald, Manager, San Antonio Bullets; Clint Courtney, Player-Coach for the Bullets; Roy Hofheinz, owner of Houston Colt .45s; one photo shows Bulletsí Joe Morgan and Sonny Jackson, but the two players have on Colt .45s uniforms and caps; Charley Harrison, Bullets; Marv Futt, Bulletsí pitcher; team photo of San Antonio Bullets; Don Bradey, relief pitcher, Bullets; James H. Burris, president of the Texas League. In 1965 the Colt .45s became the Houston Astros. Ads include Christieís Restaurant, Pepsi, Teem, Facs, Hammís Beer, KBAT Radio, Thompsonís Garage, Falstaff Beer on line-up page for Bullets; Lone Star on Visitorís page, Leoís Ice Station, Top Value Stamps, Geyerís Ice Cream, Frost Bank, Munguia Printers, Crystal Pistol, Pearl Beer ad on back cover.

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