Southwest Conference


In my early years, I watched many SWC football and basketball games, both on TV and in person.
My dad worked as an usher at Rice Stadium on weekends in the 1960's and 1970's, and I enjoyed seeing
the SWC teams battle it out in one of the greatest football stadiums on earth.
The SWC teams went their separate ways in 1996.
But I hope that by browsing this collection of SWC memorabilia, music and links,
you will get a sense of the spirit and tradition of the old Southwest Conference.
E-mail me with any comments or suggestions.




SWC Cartoons by Dirk West (with emphasis on Texas Tech):

Pocket Football Schedules:

        1938 desk schedule (Detail  -  1    2    3
1939 (Gulf Printing - individual team schedules):  Stack of schedules    Each team visible 
1939 "Pla-Game" Schedule       Front      Back
        1941:  Front      Side 1     Side 2       1941 Football schedule blotter
Front     Schedule
Front - Back - Schedule
1947:  Front - Back - Schedule 
Front - Tom Landry pages (UT)  

        1950:  Front - Inside - Detail - 1949 scores
        1951:  Front - Back
        1958:   Individual 1958 Humble broadcast schedule:  Rice       Set of 1958 decal schedules
        1959    Conoco schedule      Humble schedule:   Front  -   Back  -  Schedule
Individual 1960 Humble broadcast schedules:    Rice     Tech     Texas     TCU     SMU     Baylor     Arkansas    Complete set of 8

Front - Back    Second copy:   Front - Back     Employers Insurance Schedule
Front - Full View - Schedule
       1969:  Front  -  Back
       1970-1978  Peek Football Schedules
       1971:  Front  -  Back       Larger view:   Front    Back
       1974 & 1976
       1976:  Schedule plus Oilers        Foldout of schedule
       1978 sliding schedule
       1978 & 1976

Football Schedule Posters:    10-1-60

A collection of SWC football program covers (from TCU Magazine)

Assorted SWC Guidebooks:

Group 1       Group 2        Group 3      Group 4       Group 5

Football Annuals (hardback books):

2nd copy      3rd copy       4th copy
2nd copy     3rd copy     
Special Arkansas dust cover    2nd Arkansas cover    Title Page       Stadium pages      Special Texas cover 
1970    2nd copy     3rd copy      4th copy            Special Arkansas dust cover     2nd Arkansas cover     3rd Arkansas cover     Pages
2nd copy     3rd copy      Special Arkansas dust cover     2nd Arkansas cover
2nd copy     3rd copy
2nd copy

Football Rosters and Guides (paperback):

1952    Front cover      Back Cover

Arkansas press guide (SWC helmets on cover)

Front cover

Front cover

Front cover       Back cover

Front cover

1962     Front cover

Front cover       Back cover         Another copy of cover

1964     Front cover

Front cover       Back cover

1966     Front cover

Front cover       Coaching legends        
Another copy of cover

    Front cover       Photos of coaches       

1969      Front cover      Mascot cartoon            Another copy of cover

1970     Front cover      Another copy of front cover         Back cover

Front cover       Back cover

Front Cover      Back cover           Other pages

Front cover

    Front cover      Photo collage

1975      Front cover      Back cover

1976     Front cover

    Front cover

1978       Front cover

1979     Front cover

1980     Front cover

1981     Front cover

1982     Front cover

1983     Front cover      Back cover      Pages

1985     Front cover

1986     Front cover

1987     Front cover

1991      Front cover

1992     Front cover

1993     Front cover

Other Football books:

SWC Football book 1947 ("Touchdown"):   Cover     Title Page

1952 Menu from Lung's Chinese Restaurant (Austin) with SWC schedules:   A     B    C     D     E     F

1956 History of SWC by J.L. Williams

SWC Football Rally Program 1964:     Cover     Inside Pages

3 books on SWC football stars (Sammy Baugh, John David Crow, Doak Walker) published by Fort Worth Press

1995 SWC Football book

Basketball Programs:

SWC Basketball Tournament program 1957      Pages
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1958
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1976
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1983:     View 1    View 2     View 3     View 4     View 5      View 6     View 7 
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1984      2nd copy
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1985      2nd copy
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1987
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1988
SWC Basketball Tournament Programs 1989-90-91
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1990
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1991
SWC Basketball Tournament program 1996

Basketball Guides:

SWC Basketball guides - 1960's

SWC Basketball guide 1965-66       Front      Back

The 1970's:  70-71     71-72     72-73    73-74     74-75   74-75 (back)   75-76     76-77     77-78     78-79     79-80      79-80 Preview

The 1980's:  80-81     81-82     82-83    83-84     84-85     85-86

The 1990's:    91-92       93-94     94-95     95-96

Baseball and other sports:

SWC Baseball book by Neal Farmer

1969 SWC Track Championship program


SWC clear drink glasses      Closeup View      View 1      View 2      View 3       View 4

Set of 8 SWC frosted glasses with pennants - TALL glasses
    Another set of tall pennant glasses:    Front (Pennant)      Back (Mascot)     
    Another set of pennant glasses:         Front (Pennant)      Back (Mascot) 
    Another set of pennant glasses:         Front (Pennant)      Pennants (part 1)    Pennants (part 2)     Mascots (part 1)     Mascots (part 2)
    Another set of pennant glasses:         Front (Pennant)      Back (Mascot)
    Incomplete set including OU & LSU:    Front (Pennant)      Back (Mascot)

    Texas glass:           View 1     View 2    View 3
    Arkansas glass:      View 1     View 2    View 3
    Rice glass:              Pennant side      View 1     View 2    View 3
    A&M glass:           Mascot side    Pennant side    View 1     View 2
    Baylor glass:          Mascot side
    Tech glass:            Mascot side     Pennant side

Set of 8 SWC frosted glasses with pennants - SHORT glasses

Set of 8 SWC frosted glasses - LOGO style - TALL glasses         2nd set of glasses (6 of the 8)         3rd set of glasses:     Part 1    Part 2
     Rice - A&M - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas

SWC Insulated Thermal Mug         Thermal mugs for SMU, TCU and U of H

Set of SWC decanters - produced in 1972 by the McCormick Distilling Co. of Weston, MO.  
          Front view of set       Back view of set       
         Complete set of 9         Rice - A&M - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas - U of H - TCU - Baylor                Tech (back)     Arkansas (back)

        Another set of these decanters:     Rice - A&M - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas - U of H - TCU - Baylor

2 commemorative glasses: "Texas Aggies - Southwest Conference Champs 1967"

Souvenir cup listiing UT's SWC championship records in various sports

Set of SWC pins from Humble Oil Co. (1940's):       Front      Back

Set of hand-painted stone pins with SWC team logos ("The Winning Spirit" series by Foxlore)

Collection of souvenir ribbon buttons from SWC schools (these were sold at ball games)

Sets of SWC team placemats featuring artwork by Bill McClanahan (1972):
Rice - Label (Rice) - A&M - Texas - Label (Texas) - Tech - Label (Tech) - SMU

Set of Dirk West prints (1969):   Group photo of all posters
    Rice - A&M - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas - TCU - Baylor

Another set of Dirk West Prints (1969):
    Arkansas - SMU - TCU - Texas

Later (post 1976) set of Dirk West prints (including U of H):   Cover Sheet showing all teams
    Rice - A&M - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas - U of H - TCU - Baylor

Another set of Dirk West Prints (1976):  Cover Sheet showing all teams
    Rice - Rice - Texas - Tech - SMU - Arkansas - U of H - TCU - Baylor 

SWC Tailgate Picnic Cookbook

SWC "Mini Mascots" Cross-Stitch Pattern Book            Larger photo of completed patterns

SWC Paperweight (1986)

SWC charm (1921) - "Texas Aggies / W. Bullard - Center"    View 1     View 2     View 3

SWC Track Champions medal (1929)

SWC track medal (1954)

SWC Champions 1924 decal (Baylor)

SWC Champions 1974 badge (Baylor)

SWC Football Champions charm bracelet (Texas A&M 1939)     Charm      Closeup      Back of charm    Charm with chain

1939 Football National Champion Texas Aggies Tapestry (thanks to John Parker and Robert Guercio)

1956 SWC Champion Texas Aggies commemorative plate

SWC Football Champions diamond pendant (UT 1996)

SWC pin commemorating the Texas Tech - TCU football game on 11/11/95

SWC "whistle" pendant:    Front    Back

SWC Ladies Basketball medal:     Front     Back

Banner:  SMU - SWC Football Champs 1966

SMU Pony Express poster (1981) with Eric Dickerson and Craig James

SWC souvenir pennant

String of SWC pennants

SWC logo promotional items (mug, luggage tag, pin, keychain - 1990's)

SWC Southwest Airlines luggage tag


SWC 75th Anniversary Pin

SWC Exxon Radio Network patch

SWC logo T-shirt iron-ons             Reversed        (NOTE: Baylor is missing from the set)

Commemorative soft drink bottles:
Texas Tech seat cushions

1972 Cotton Bowl Jock Strap - courtesy of Jay Arnold (All-SWC Defensive Back for UT 1973)

Southwest Conference Schedule Coins by Enco (1968)

Complete Set of 8 SWC coins            UT coin:      Front       Back (UT Football Schedule for 1968)

Enco 1968 Schedule promoting the coin set:       Front     Back      Inside (Schedule)

Southwest Conference Clocks by Decor Accessories Inc. (1970)
Inscription on back of clock: "Created by Roger Mason from reproductions of the renowned caricatures of Bill McClanahan appearing in the Dallas Morning News, these clocks are presented as a memento to the character, emotion, and delirium of football that lingers on in peoples' memories."  The favorite team mascot was in the center of the clock.    The eight team mascots appeared at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11 positions.

LP Record: "The UT Longhorn Band Salutes the Southwest Conference"

LP Record: "Football Songs of the Southwest Conference"

LP Record: "Sounds of the Southwest" (1977)

LP Record: "SMU Jazz Band Salutes the Southwest Conference"

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